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We check your food product's label and composition for legal compliance to ensure a right first time launch in the UK and EU markets

Whatever exciting new food product you are about to launch, navigating complex and constantly changing food legislation requirements can seem like a daunting task. We’ll let you get on with the fun part and provide you with essential advice and guidance to ensure your product's labelling hits the market right first time.

We can help with food label creation and checks, marketing and artwork reviews, new product concept assessments, guidance and advice on various food law topics, keeping you updated with important changes, such as how Brexit could impact your products. Personal service is important to us and our collaborative approach ensures we find solutions that work for you.

To get you started a standard UK label check is £100 with an efficient turnaround time of 2-3 working days. We also offer tailor-made packages to suit any size business, from small queries to contract work. Our recommended partners are on hand to help with other essential technical services to get your products launched.


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Nicole Hamer (MIFST), Food Regulatory Consultant

I am a bilingual (English and German), degree qualified food legislation specialist with 15 years’ experience in multi-national corporations, such as Mars and RHM (now Premier Foods). I am an elected member of the food industry professional body the Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST). 

I have particular knowledge of the jurisdictions in Germany, UK, Austria, and Switzerland, and the confectionery products category.

I am passionate about delivering compliant yet practical solutions with a personal touch. Having collaborated closely with different functions such as Marketing, Product Development or Procurement I understand broader business needs and can offer personalised guidance on how to work creatively within regulatory constraints.

Whether it is a label you need for a new launch, or advice on wording for your marketing campaign, or you are not sure what ingredients you can use in your chocolate product, or your are concerned about the impact of Brexit on food labelling, do get in touch to discuss your needs. I am available for small scale ad hoc queries as well as for contract work.


Working collaboratively with you to find compliant yet practical solutions


Do you have a new product but you are not sure what needs to be on the label? We create bespoke label texts for you, train you in the requirements or provide a checking service to ensure compliance with all relevant food regulations for the UK and EU markets. We also provide German label translations for sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Getting labelling wrong can quickly lead to challenging situations with food regulators and can be costly or even result in a product being taken off the market or rejected by a retail customer. Also the product packaging is the first contact with your consumer and a professional appearance of your label is important for your reputation.

We offer a standard UK label check for £100 per label. Turnaround time is 2-3 working days. 

To find out more how to get your labels right first time get in touch.

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Do you know what ingredients are allowed in your product? Are you aware of the regulatory requirements for using that product name you had in mind?

We offer early stage advice on product specifications and compositional standards to ensure your hand selected ingredients and passionately developed recipes meet all regulatory requirements. Chocolate being a very traditional product, for example, comes with a set of strict rules that must be adhered to in order to be able to use the sales name 'chocolate' on the label. These rules can be very technical and we can help you with our experience to translate them into practical, easy to understand guardrails. Contact us to find out what standards are important for your products.

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Wondering what claims you can make about your product? Did you know that in 2018 the UK ASA dealt with over 2500 advertisement complaints across all product categories*? In particular nutrition and health claims or references to natural ingredients are increasingly popular but easily misleading and therefore under tough scrutiny by food regulators, competitors and consumers alike. Also such claims usually trigger additional labelling, such as nutritional information.

We offer guidance on how to choose suitable claim wording and work collaboratively with you to find solutions. We can also check your existing artwork or marketing copies for compliance with relevant rules. Contact us to find out how Iwe can help today.

* Source:

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Are you concerned about what a no-deal Brexit might mean for your products' compliance and labelling going forward? Do you know how to interpret EU food legislation relevant to your products?

We can help you make sense of Brexit related changes for your products as these develop and become clearer. With our broad experience in EU food legislation we are also happy to offer advice on your queries around compliance across EU markets. No matter how small your question, do get in touch.



J Hill, Food Business Owner

Cannot recommend Nicole enough! She's fantastic to work with, really knowledgable, supportive, and professional. Here's to working with Nicole for another year ahead :)

D Mc Gee, Consultancy Director

Nicole is an expert in food law and labelling with immense food manufacture industrial experience to back this up. She works methodically and diligently and has a positive, calm disposition that will give confidence to all her clients. I have been lucky to work with Nicole as a fellow professional consultant, working with some demanding start up food companies, with all having positive outcomes. 


I am happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions. I am available for both smaller queries or contract work.

Please use the contact form on the right or my contact details below to get in touch.

Based in Warwick, UK

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